Mystery Trip September 23- Kiana Lodge and Bloedel Reserve

What a great day with Liz (tour guide)  and Alki Tours.  It was planned as a Mystery Trip and when the Coach arrived to pick us up the gig was up.  After we picked up the rest of the group in Shoreline we headed to the Ferry over to Kingston.  The tour was early so the driver took us over to Port Gamble where we had a few minutes to look at a few shops then back on the bus.  The tour took some back roadsIMG_6331 and showed us some extra scenery.  When we arrived at Kiana Lodge we all were amazed how beautiful it is.  Our hosts greeted us with steamer clams than a delicious Salmon lunch.  We met another group of locals from Pouslbo Park and Recreation.(Nice people).  After we walked around and took pictures we all hopped back on the bus and went to Bloedel Reserve.  Now talk about beautiful surroundings-  The Reserve’s 150 acres are a unique blend of natural woodlands and beautifully landscaped gardens, including a Japanese Garden, a Moss Garden, a Reflection Pool and the Bloedels’ former estate home.  It is a hidden northwest treasure.

After walking and talking the afternoon away we all hopped back on the bus and took the Ferry back to Edmonds.  And we missed all of Chinese President Xi Jinping travel plans and had smooth driving back and forth.  It was a glorious day;-)




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