Our residents and their families realize the benefits to living in such a friendly and caring community environment.

What Our Residents Say…

“Thank you so much for all that you do for us. I love living here at BPP.  I also love the residents and the trips we take together.”              — Nancy W.

“Boulevard Park Place hosted their annual Thanksgiving feast on November 21, 2014, in the main banquet room in Building 1. The owners and operators, the Steinman Family, hosted the main meal, with Viola Steinman herself jumping right in, as usual, as a chef and server, donning her pretty holiday apron. The residents contributed with an amazing array of desserts to go along with the meal.

I had the pleasure of being invited. After the feast, Ron Steinman gave a tour, to show off the recently completed improvements. (I think he wanted to get out of dishwashing duty.)

There is one remarking thing about Boulevard Park Place – “Hugs Everywhere!” The spirit of the place is alive with people caring about each other. I mean, who hugs their landlord? Everyone at BPP! At BPP the Steinman Family members are not just landlords, but are very involved in caring about the residents. And, wow! The spirit of the place is that the residents care about each other and help keep each other active.

Ron pointed out the new entryway cameras and the system for monitoring. The residents watch, both for the entertainment value and because they care about each other. Hugs to All! BPP has a spirit to the place that is truly remarkable.”
— Kell

“In our search for a second and final (we hope) retirement lifestyle, my wife and I found Boulevard Park Place. We were introduced to a caring and wonderful group of new friends and extended family. The owners and managers go out of their way to provide us with a happy new home.”
— We love it! Burt & Marian

“My kids love knowing that I am safe and secure at Boulevard Park Place. I now have the freedom to enjoy all of the activities and amenities. Who knew this family owned, Affordable, Retirement Living existed in our area!

I Love living at Boulevard Park Place!”


“Our friends recommended Boulevard Park Place to us as a wonderful place to live. We took their advice and it’s the best thing we ever did. Everyone is so friendly and fun to drink coffee with in our meeting place. The managers treat us like we are family and are always there for us.

Boulevard Park Place offers all kinds of fun stuff: card games, bean bag baseball, bingo, exercise classes, dinners, movies and trips to the t restaurants for the different lunch and dinner outings. Every day there is something fun to do. We have no utilities to pay for, but have all of the facilities in each apartment. What else could we ask for? We love living at Boulevard Park Place!”

—Jim & Teresa

“Over 10 years ago, I sold my condo and moved to Boulevard Park Place. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Boulevard Park Place is beautifully maintained and exceptionally secure. Thanks to the caring owners and managers who mainly focus on meeting the needs of the residents. Here, I was not allowed to be lonely. I feel safe and cared for. We have tours, bingo, bridge, pinochle, out to lunch and dinners, monthly breakfasts and ice cream socials with very special people — my friends. I believe this is home, not just an apartment.”
— Thais M.

“Two years ago when I moved to Boulevard Park Place, I felt right at home and I still feel the same way. The owners, the Steinman family and the managers make living here carefree and enjoyable. Every day is filled with new things to learn and explore.”
— Nancy M.

“Life is grand here at Boulevard Park Place!”
— John L.

“The managers and residents at your complex have been wonderful in their friendship and in providing assistance to my father when he needed it. Please accept our thanks for helping him maximize his quality of life while residing at Boulevard Park Place.”
— Don O.

Dear Vi,

“You and your family have created a marvelous place to live, with everything done first class. I am regularly awestruck at the kindness and generosity we residents are shown. May God grant you many more years of enjoying the fruit of your labors!”
—Gratefully, S. R.


To our friends in high places,

High places of our hearts, my husband and I wish to thank you with deepest gratitude of the caring efforts above and beyond our greatest expectations of a place we can call home.  Home is such a personal part of our private lives, and you have made that possible for us, where we can find comradery and privacy when we want it.  We thank you for your successful efforts in providing a place we can call home.

We thank you for the wonderful meal you so generously awarded us just yesterday.  We enjoyed it thoroughly, we feel wanted here.

_Warmest thank you, G and G

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